I am Mantuana with Patricia Manley

Episode 4 - I want to sound like the Queen of England!!

February 01, 2021 Patricia Manley Season 1 Episode 5
I am Mantuana with Patricia Manley
Episode 4 - I want to sound like the Queen of England!!
Show Notes

Being an immigrant many times is the most difficult decision we can make. Some emigrate for love or for work, and some because of war.

For immigrants, the cultural, social, political, and language differences are some of the challenges to face and overcoming them end up into adaptation. Adaptation is the first process that every immigrant goes through. We adopt new foods, musical styles, words, and even accents. 

When I moved out to England, I came up with the false idea that the most important thing to advance in my career was to have the perfect English accent. But instead of being a positive thing, this idea ended up turning my language learning process much slower. It took me away from communicating with people and even my professional and personal dreams. At one point, I started to feel I was losing my essence.

Your accent is not a limitation! and I learned that in the best way. When I left my insecurities behind and decided to open my mouth regardless of what others thought, that's when I discovered that my accent was not a limitation. My accent is my essence, my story, and who I am. 

Press play and join this conversation to discover five tips to improve your English without losing your essence and have the best result of it.


  • [2:18] From working in a bar to success.

In this segment, I will share the story of a woman who, after immigrating, her language turned out to be a barrier to overcome. Now, she works for the best companies worldwide.

  • [6:42] Don't get stuck because of your accent.

The search for acceptance and the fear of making mistakes when speaking another language are roles that play against when looking for work, but don't let your accent be a limitation! Follow your dreams!

  • [11:10] Movies are the best teachers.

That's right! I am not just talking about the accent. I am talking about the pronunciation and the expansion of your vocabulary. Watch a movie, add English subtitles, and take notes!

  • [12:31] Accepting corrections

I know that sometimes accepting a correction can be annoying and even uncomfortable but, it is the best way to learn! You will have the possibility to detect where the mistakes are, listen to the pronunciation and discover how to add those words correctly in your daily conversations.

  • [13:39] Repeat like a parrot.

Repeating every word you don't know will help you improve your pronunciation and not forget them easily.

  • [16:32] Reading books to improve.

Books will help you expand your vocabulary. There are millions of words that we do not know (even in our mother tongue). Books are the best tool to improve our grammar and add an impressive touch to our conversations.

  • [18:01] Describe what you want to say.

We cannot read all the books in one day, nor learn all the words. Sometimes we don't remember the term or the translation, but don't let that stop you! Describe what you want to say.

  • [19:08] Go out and open your mouth.

Practice makes perfect. Leave your fears behind, and you will notice in a short time how English becomes your second language.

  • [21:11] Take action!

To achieve your dreams, you have to take action and go for them. Go to that interview, send that resume, just go!

  • [22:06] Never apologize for your English.

Every day is constant learning.  If you make a mistake, correct it and move on. Everyone knows that English is not your first language, but they will always appreciate the effort. You speak two langua

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